Six sterling signs that you should start a homestay

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on January 8, 2015


The New Year is here and with it come all new year resolutions like making new friends, earning more money, travelling all over the world, quitting whatever poison one indulges in and so on. Instead of latching to the clichéd resolutions like everybody else, try homestays which encompasses most of the above. For the superstitious folk; signs from the stars, tarot cards, reading palms or mumbo jumbo are not on the cards, just cold hard facts that will point you in the direction of being a host family. On to it then…

Availability of extra rooms

This is the mother of all signs (and l don’t mean Mother from Final Fantasy) that will pinpoint you in the direction of homestays, having extra rooms to host guests. It could be that you rented a place with an extra bedroom, with the intention of using it as an office, a home gym or for visitors and your plans changed. Then a homestay is the right hustle-free business for you.

Kids shipped to boarding school or all grown up

Going hand in hand with extra rooms is the case where your children are in boarding school, studying at a far-off university or all grown up and have moved out. A touch of frill here, some dusting over there and voila…their bedrooms have been converted into guest rooms ready to welcome international visitors.

You’re a social butterfly and meeting new people is your bread and butter

Moving on from the extra space and loneliness that arises from being alone or just the two of you at home, then having visitors around might be the antidote. The company of others is the medicine to chase away the pounding silence at home (yeah, l love them metaphors). As for those who feed up on energy via interaction like extroverts, then homestays are meant for you.

Supplement your income

I don’t believe l have to say much other than to mention families whose entire source of income is derived from homestays. Nevertheless, full-time homestays is not for everyone but you will still make a tidy sum from looking after the odd guest. With this in mind, you should click the following link and sign up as a host family.

Interested in different cultures

I remember my first trip outside the country & the experience of meeting up with other folk and hearing about their take on social and economic matters that affect all of us. It was enlightening to see how their approach was different and to compare it to my own. This mutual understanding between cultures which is fostered by homestays is to be encouraged at all costs. Plus the odds of you picking up interesting tips, business ideas or just general knowledge increases as you interact outside your social circle.

Meet an ever-increasing demand for accommodation

Need for accommodation in East Africa has been on the rise and the potential for homestays to fill that gap cannot be overstated. But more importantly, number of guests who are seeking out homestays for their accommodation needs is on a similar trajectory and Msengoni Homestays is seeking to ease the burden of bringing together hosts and guests through our homestay portal.

By now, l hope to have convinced you that opening up your home to visitors will be of tremendous benefit to you and your family. Should you still have any doubts, shoot me an email and we can meet over a coffee-laced discussion to clear up your lingering uncertainties.

Biding you Kwaheri from the Fastest Pen in the East!

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