Travel Guide

Managing your money during your homestay holiday – Part 1

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on September 23, 2013

money homestay holidayDuring the travel period, it is easy to spend past one’s budget due to the feel-good hormones of being on holiday, need to get presents for family & friends or just ‘because’ for the spendthrifts.

See below measures on accessing your money, keeping it safe and some general tips on how to spend in Kenya. [Continue Reading…]


Whatever time it is…the Maasai Market it is

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on May 21, 2013

maasai marketWhen one is on holiday and enjoying oneself, time always seems to fly…and not just fly like a roadrunner but more like a peregrine falcon. For sure the coyote would have no chance of catching one but l digress; as in this case it’s all about finding time to pass by the Maasai Market. Luckily for you, this nomadic market is available in different parts of the city so all you need to do is find time to go and check it out. [Continue Reading…]


Getting around in Kenya | Transportation Options

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on November 16, 2011

kenya roadsKenya has several transportation options available at one’s disposal, some good…and some not so well. All these choices can be a bit confusing especially when one is new to this part of the world. But when armed with the right information, its simple and easy. Let’s take a look at the top ways of getting around in Kenya. [Continue Reading…]


Essential Swahili phrases for travellers

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on February 28, 2011

swahili wordsEven though English is widely spoken in most urban areas in Kenya, Swahili is widely spoken across the whole breadth of the land, so if you plan to visit the rural areas, a few choicy words used at the right moment can help break the ice and smoothen one’s journey. As regards pronunciation, its fairly easy as every letter is sounded out. For an accurate guide to pronunciation including audio examples, see Yale’s Kamusi Project Website. [Continue Reading…]