Kenyan Food | Kimanda Cha Bongo

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on September 6, 2013

cow goat brain omeletteAt first, the thought of taking in brains seemed gross but a chat with one of my friends stopped me short, l had already had goat brains on several occasions without thinking much about it. Sure l was wasted on one or two of those occasions…okay most of them seeing as l can’t remember seeing any brains. [Continue Reading…]


green bananasWe all have meals which are always cooked on certain occasions and in this particular case, Banana’s and Intestines won’t miss out over my Christmas holiday. Our extended family usually congregates in our Grandparent’s home for the December holidays and as far back as l can remember, Christmas usually beckons with us buying a goat or two (depending on our number), parading him so everyone can see first-hand our “catch” and proffer their two cents opinion about the goat. [Continue Reading…]


Kenyan Food: Pilau ya Papa Mkavu

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on June 29, 2013

pilau ya papa mkavuI have fond memories of my estate clique and all the stuff we used to get up to; like the holiday periods when we used to walk all the way to the beach to swim and play ball. We would rouse each other up with special whistles and head out as early as half past five in the morning to allow for enough time to exercise and get back. [Continue Reading…]


Kenyan Food: Muhogo wa Nazi

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on May 15, 2013

muhogo wa naziMuhogo wa Nazi as it is know in Kiswahili is a popular dish in the coastal region due to the easy growing nature of the roots and fitting climate. I personally have fond memories of going into the farm with my grandmother to dig up cassavas which we would then clean while chewing on huge pieces of the white roots. From their on, she would peel, split, chop and wash the cassava while ‘someone’ had to grate the coconuts on the mbuzi; a grater. One of the interesting parts was usually watching the farmhand shinny his way up one of the tall coconut trees with his sharp knife held between his teeth (he would have made a good pirate). [Continue Reading…]


Kenyan Food | Mashed Mukimo

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on September 8, 2011

mukimoMukimo is a traditional Kikuyu dish whose popularity has seen it being embraced by many cosmopolitan homesteads and eateries in Nairobi and beyond. [Continue Reading…]