Terminalia Catappa…Travel in my Time Capsule

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on November 22, 2013

terminalia catappaIt’s been enlightening blogging about all sorts of trees which l encountered as a kid but did not pay much attention. A good example is this month’s tree which was ever present during my early childhood days…back then when my fascination with bread was just developing, when l used to dance like Shawn Michaels for my Uncles who would laugh heartily and stuff my pockets with shilling notes (all behind my mother’s back…my father was more indulgent then) before strutting off like the sexy boy that l was, really back in the days when l was consuming Famous Five books with a passion and the killer throw back; when the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation was the only available TV station in Mombasa and would come on at 4 p.m. and wind up by midnight. [Continue Reading…]


camphor bushCamphor Bush is a member of the Sunflower family and indigenous to the East Africa region. It’s a spreading tree, growing up to a height of 6 m. and is common over much of the Rift Valley floor. [Continue Reading…]


Ban on Catha Edulis | Natural Viagra or Politics at Play?

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on August 26, 2013

ruto miraa

Miraa as it is widely known in Kenya is a much-branched tree, usually growing to heights of between 7 – 25 m. and has drooping shimmering foliage. It has a smooth, grey bark which becomes dark brown and rough as it ages. The leaves are long, dull and glossy green while the flowers are small and yellow. [Continue Reading…]


Mangifera Indica | Magnets never downed the Mangoes

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on July 29, 2013

apple-mango treeMany a time do l remember not going home during the lunch period and spending it scrounging the neighbourhood trees for mangoes and African plums. That’s how our lunch usually went down…a balanced diet after a period of throwing stones, large twigs and pretty much anything that could knock down the fruits. [Continue Reading…]


Azadirachta Indica – Bitter Cure for All Ailments

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on June 8, 2013

mkilifiHaving been raised by the coast of Kenya, l grew up seeing the Neem tree everywhere and only started to pay attention to its diverse uses during the yearly Science Congress meets held all over the country. Back then, we used to climb the tree to harvest the natural glue collecting on its bark but for the love of God, l cannot remember why (must have blanked out the memory). [Continue Reading…]