Kenyan Fact | Lake Victoria and the forgotten tiff called Migingo

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on September 13, 2013

lake victoria

In terms of water bodies, Lake Victoria is way up there with the best seeing as it’s the second largest fresh water lake in the world (and as the name suggests,Lake Superior in North America is the top dog) and was named after Queen Victoria by John Hanning Speke, one of the many explorers searching for the source of the River Nile. [Continue Reading…]


9 Ways to Experience Kinetic Kisumu

by Mugalavai Ngosiane on May 1, 2011

kisumu skylineKisumu is a port town with fine colonial architecture which derives most of its beauty from Lake Victoria. From the shore, one can see the fishermen in their canoes pull in their nets as they slowly head for home while the fish eagles call out to each other. Below are 9 ways in which you can experience the city by the lake.

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